Adam Peterson

Design & Direction

I'm a designer who helps companies build amazing products. I focus on design strategy, high-level user experience, beautifully-detailed user interface design, and interaction and motion prototyping. But more than just amazing products, I help build successful and sustainable companies.

Right now, I'm part of the amazing team at Disco, helping lawyers win more cases.

Before Disco, I was at NetSpend for 4 years, where I designed distributed digital consumer and business banking products and experiences, and the platforms and patterns that powered them. I joined as one of the first product/experience designers. A couple years into my time there, the company was bought for $1.4B.

Before NetSpend, I worked mostly with other startups — leading small, lean teams on big, juicy projects.

I move fast and ship.

I talk to users and with leadership to make sure we're building the right things. I build products for the people that will use them. I listen to those people. I champion for those people. In the end, I design products that are incredibly beautiful, delightful, and engaging.

These are just a few of the things I've been working on recently, but I've got a ton more work, so if you're looking for something specific, just ask — there's a good chance I've encountered and solved for it or something similar along the way. Either way, I love talking about interesting projects and ideas!

You can check me out at or email me at